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Lash extensions 
A Small yet BIG change..
Lash extensions are great for just about anyone.  Whether you want to want to shorten your makeup routine in the morning or just want a subtle change to your everyday, lash extensions can create remarkable results.  Every eye is different.  This is why we don't believe in counting hairs.  Every lash is designed specifically for you and your eye shape which is why my clients always look natural and real. 
Frequently Asked Questions 

Do lash extensions pull out your natural lash hairs?

No, lash extensions do not pull out your lash hairs.  After about 2 weeks sometimes lashes can tangle and look messy.  People tend to pick at their lashes causing them to prematurely fall out.  Never pull at your extensions.  Make sure to schedule a refill so we can re-adjust them. 

How long should I wait for a refill?

Typically you lose about 3-9 lashes every day. After 2 weeks you will notice your lashes have less volume.  After 3 weeks they will criss cross.  It's recommended you don't wait more than 1 month in between refills.

How do I care for my new lashes?

After your appointment you will want to wait at least 12 hours before you get your lashes wet.  Make sure not to get a lot of water in your face when washing your hair and always use oil free eye makeup remover.

MAke an Appointment
Whether you want something soft and natural or dramatic and edgy we create the perfect lash that works for you! Available in Mink, Silk, and Volume sets.
Lash Extensions
2 hr
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